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Holy shit, guys!

Tue Oct 28, 2014, 1:50 PM
SO, in case anyone doesn't know yet/forgot: guess what's happening in the next few days?

YinDragon (aka everyone's Nuzlocke senpai) is gonna be flying from Texas to Scotland to come and stay with me for about a week and a half ~ and we'll go on lots of adventures together and I'll force her to eat haggis vwv It'll be beautiful. I'm sure we'll have some interesting stories afterwards ;D

I'm pretty excited/nervous and looking forward to seeing Yin's reaction to Scotland, which is pretty much the oposite of Texas. Bet you guys are jelly (of YIN, that is. Hurrdurr~)

Have any of you guys ever got to meet an online friend before? OvO What was it like?

Why I keep dissapearing

Sat Oct 18, 2014, 3:03 PM
Well, I'm sick again. You may be thinking "Holy shit, Loki- you're always sick". If you are, you'd be right. I'm not sure if I just have a terrible immune system, bad luck, or underlying health issues that cause me to get sick all the time but it still happens for whatever reason. I've been feeling particularly bad for the past three weeks ever since I had that migraine. Here's the kicker, I had another one yesterday and I've been having other symptoms on top of that which, quite frankly, are pretty concerning. So, I'm going to go to the doctor but I have to hold on until Monday (at least) for that.

This journal really has no point other than as a way for me to vent. I mean, I try to keep it together most of the time, or play down my feelings about these things but in reality it's hard and depressing and kinda lonely sometimes. It's not like what's going on with me is really obvious to see or anything. It's too internal, it's all in my head- or in my skull more accurately- I'd rather break my arm or leg instead; at least that's obvious and easy to deal with.

Anyway, as a result of all this heavy shit, I've been avoiding going online. I simply have no energy at all. I'm empty and used up. All I want to do is sleep, or read, so I can enter a different reality for a while. Once again, I'm sorry for not talking to my friends- please don't think of me as cold and distant. That's not who I really am. I still care, but right now life's hard for me. Maybe I'll feel better when I get some answers.

Sorry for such a serious journal; I'm usually pretty stoic about these things but you know what? This shit builds up and builds up until it makes me want to scream and throw myself off a bridge. I feel like maybe ranting about it is a little more constructive, though. And less messy.

Heeey, it's Coming Out Day!

Sat Oct 11, 2014, 5:22 PM
And because you all know that I care a lot about LGBTQA+ issues and stuff, I just thought I'd say hey, and also congrats to anybody who came out today (or before). I respect you so, so much because I know that coming out is a terrifying and difficult thing to do. But, I also respect the people who didn't come out today. We don't all live in an environment where we feel like we can admit these things about ourselves; you might be stuck with unsupportive family, or in an area which is prejudiced, or simply that you're not ready yet. Hiding your true self can be just as hard as revealing it.

I just want to tell you all to keep going and keep hoping, you're all strong and you can make it.

I don't need to come out again, since you guys already know that I'm not straight or cis. But, I do want to say that I know what it's like to hide your true identity- I hid mine for years because I was taught that there was only one way to be and that anything else was freaky and wrong. I was afraid of my own identity for a long time, knowing that other people would not approve or support it. I denied everything and locked my feelings away so they couldn't hurt me. Thank fuck for the internet, or who knows how uninformed and lost I'd still be.

Here, we have resources to learn about other sexualities, other genders- things I never had in school, or from parents. You don't have to stick with the gender mold that society shoved you into. You don't have to be attracted to a different gender than yourself; you don't have to restrict yourelf to one gender- you don't have to be attracted to anyone at all. Humanity is a spectrum, and every part of that spectrum is equally important and equally valid.

So, here's to all the gay kids, the bi kids, the pan and poly and ace kids, the aros and the trans kids and the nonbinary ones and everybody in between. You're all freaking great the way you are so don't ever feel like you're wrong because of your gender identity or sexuality. Love is great, this world NEEDS more love. Love, kindness, friendship-  these are the only damn things that make this world worth living in. So, let's all make more.

I'm gonna link this video of Ellen Page coming out because I really love it- plus it's appropriate for today, I think. I really identify with a lot of what she's saying and I'm sure many of you will too.

Take care, everyone :heart:

What happened to dA while I was gone for 2 days? D: What happens when you post a status update? *tries it*

Recovering from Illness :c

Tue Sep 30, 2014, 2:15 PM
Ugh. Okay, well, hi. I've unfortunately been pretty ill recently and I'm still in recovery-mode right now but I figured I should really post something since some people have been trying to get a hold of me on Skype/dA and I don't want you all to think I'm ignoring you or avoiding the internet for no reason. After this I might still be kinda offline for a few days.

I'm trying to spend very little time on screens at present because on Friday I got a migraine. I've had these before and I'm not exaggurating when I say that they completely cripple me for several days. For those who don't know, migraines are basically extremely bad headaches (which feels like someone sliding a blunt ice pick into your brain repeatedly) that can also carry a host of other horrifying symptoms such as violent sickness, sudden blindness in varying degrees, messed up speech/cognition & my personal "favourite", numbness and tingling across large areas of the body which, let me tell you, is really fucking disturbing. Oh yeah, I had to go to hospital. That wasn't fun.

I also had to deal with a panic attack at the same time because my own goddamn brain hates me and wants me to suffer as much as possible. So, yes. Anyway I'm not in a good mood so I can't even face talking to my dear friends right now since I still need to relax.

However my awful experience on Friday has made me think about (again), how badly people in general deal with panic attacks (either experiencing one yourself, or dealing with a person who is going through one) and I have decided that once I feel better I'm going to put my many years of expertise in this area to good use and write a guide on how to deal with them in hope that you guys will be better informed and not have to go through as shitty a time as I have.

So, yeah. Going back to my book-cave now. Be back soon; love Loki <3


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denplaysgames Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
!!! Aw yea! I didn't know you liked books too! :D
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How did I forget to put a watch for you when I got my account in July?? Watching~
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Thanks for faving the World Suicide Prevention Day article. I really appreciate your support :tighthug:
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